Filling requirements


1. Specification and claims.
2. Drawings, if necessary.
3. Title of the invention
4. Name, nationality and address of the applicant(s).
5. Name, nationality and address of the inventor(s).
6. Date, title and serial number of the PCT application, if applicable.
7. Date, title, serial number and country of origin of the priority to be claimed.
8. Indication if Chapter II demand was made, if applicable.
9. Date and circumstance of any prior disclosure of the invention (if any).
The following documents may be filed after the filing of the patent application
10. Formal drawings.
11. Abstract of the invention
12. Power of attorney for patent filing. The power of attorney does not need notarization or legalization.
13. Assignment document, if the applicant is not the inventor.
The assignment must be executed by the inventor(s) and the assignee and does not need notarization or legalization.
The assignment should state a date identical or earlier than the filing date In Mexico.
14. Written evidence of deposit of biological material in an entity recognized by the Budapest Agreement, if applicable.

15. Documents showing prior disclosure of the invention, if applicable.











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